Let's Go Fly A Kite

     Summer is full of fun activities for all ages!  One of our favorites here at SMART START has been kite flying! Our young learners absolutely loved participating in our kite unit.  Not only did the children have the opportunity to fly a kite, they helped make them.  SMART START artists designed the kites by painting them, drizzling glue and then sprinkling glitter. Colored ribbon was added for the tail once the kite dried. The children also helped to construct the kites and enjoyed being a part of the engineering process.

SMART START students love to sing! We have incorporated the children's classic, "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from Mary Poppins and "My Kite" from Barney  into our music program this summer. They sang loud and proud as they flew their kites! 

Here are the song lyrics for "My Kite" below so you can sing along at home!

Flying so high with its tail in the breeze
Up in the air with greatest of ease
Flipping and dipping with colors so bright
I love to my kite

Whirling, twirling, high in the air
Whirling, twirling, floating up there
At the end of the string, there's a wonderful thing
I love to fly my kite

Look at it flutter and dance all around
Hear the wind blowing it high off the ground
Feel the string tugging and just hold on tight
And you can fly a kite

Whirling, twirling, fly in the air
Whirling, twirling, floating up there
At the end of the string, there's a wonderful thing
I love to fly my kite

     Each SMART START kite is unique, beautiful and vibrant! The children worked so well together on this collaborative project. We waited for the perfect windy day to fly the kites and it was well worth the wait. They had so much fun running around our backyard as they watched their kites soar up to the sky. SMART START friends thoroughly enjoyed the kite building, decorating and flying process and were extremely proud of their hard work! Their smiles and laughter clearly indicated that kite flying is a perfect way to spend a summer day with friends.


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💙 Mary and Francesca 💙



     SMART START friends were so excited to make homemade slush! They each decorated coloring sheets to put inside their "special treat cups" using crayons and markers.  The cups looked adorable and our little artists enjoyed creating their masterpieces!

Decorating slushie cups and enjoying their special treat!

      Here at SMART START we have our very own slush machine! Our students worked together to add ice cubes to the slush machine and then took turns grinding up the ice. All were amazed watching the ice shavings stream out of the machine as they held down the button. Next, each added cherry flavoring to their cup of shavings. With a spoon in their hand and a smile on their face the children enjoyed their refreshing cherry slush!

Click the slideshow below to see all of our slush making fun!

💙 Mary and Francesca 💙

Weekend With Barny the Barn Owl

     Barny has really been enjoying his Summer visiting his SMART START friend's homes! The children look forward to hearing what Barny did at each and love to ask questions.

     Theo and Nora had their turn to bring Barny home. Barny had so much fun with two of his favorite SMART START friends. Theo and Nora completed the checklist with Barny and each did something special on their own with him. Best of all, Barny was invited to Nora's 2nd birthday party! There is something special about sharing in the joy of learning with a sibling. Fabulous teamwork completing your checklist! Thank you for taking such good care of Barny, Theo and Nora. He had a blast!

     Next up, Mickey! Mickey was jumping with joy when he found out it was his turn to take Barny home. Mickey was looking forward to showing Barny to his younger siblings and letting them join in on some big brother fun! Mickey kept Barny very busy and made sure to give him a fun weekend! They even played catch. However, Mickey noted on his checklist that Barny was not very good at catch. SMART START friends have been giving him some lessons at school (although not much improvement yet). Our young audience enjoyed listening to Mickey tell them about his special weekend with Barny! Thank you for showing Barny a great time and completing your checklist, Mickey!

     Benny and Barny- best friends! Benny had a fabulous weekend at home with his buddy, Barny!  He did a lovely job telling us all about his special time spent with Barny and how he made sure to include him in everything he did!  Benny colored his checklist beautifully and completed every item on it. SMART START friends loved listening to Benny share his stories!  Thank you showing Barny a great time and for being a nice friend!

     Kaylee's turn to bring Barny home!  Kaylee had an action packed weekend with Barny and loved telling her SMART START friends all about their adventure.  Barny picked a great weekend to go home with Kaylee because she went up to her family lake house in New Hampshire!  Kaylee kept Barny busy and completed all items on the checklist, along with playing the piano, video chatting with her Pop in New York, making Mickey pancakes for breakfast, and going for a boat ride! Thank you for an exciting weekend, Kaylee!

     Siblings, Avery and Michael, were beyond happy to bring Barny home with them for the weekend.  Avery and Michael enjoyed spending time with Barny at home and included him in all of their sister and brother fun.  They completed their Barny checklist and were proud to share their experience with friends.  Barny enjoyed riding and napping in the car with Avery and Michael. Sounds like Barny was tired out from all the excitement!  Thanks so much for showing Barny a great time, Avery and Michael!


💙 Mary and Francesca 💙


Bubbles and Beans

     Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere! Our students are having so much fun playing outside with the bubbles they made here at school with soap and glycerin. Our SMART START friends sing songs while dancing, jumping, hopping and running through the bubbles. Blowing, catching and popping bubbles have brought many smiles and lots of giggles for our young learners. Bubbles are truly a childhood staple that never cease to bring endless hours of entertainment for children of all ages.

"There are bubbles in the air, in the air.
 There are bubbles in the air, in the air.
There are bubbles in the air, there are bubbles everywhere.
There are bubbles in the air, in the air."

    The children have been busy taking care of their green and yellow bean plants. On the first day of Spring they planted their bean seeds in a cup of soil to start the growth process for our Summer garden. They later replanted their beans to a bigger garden outside as the temperature became warmer. They have been busy tending to and watering the beans to make sure they grow. We have recently harvested our crop of beans and what an abundance we had! The children, as well as our classroom pet Pilot, enjoyed them as afternoon snack. SMART START friends were excited to take home some beans to share with their families. Our students embraced all of the gardening responsibilities. There is something special about growing your own food and then eating it! Learning to follow simple directions and use basic skills while working together is a great way to bond and help build confidence.

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💙 Mary and Francesca 💙