Themed Days!

     During the month of March, we incorporated themed days into SMART START's curriculum. These days were highly anticipated by all!

Green Eggs and Ham Day-🍳🍖

     Dr. Seuss' birthday is March 2nd. In honor of this favored author, we celebrated by having a "Green Eggs and Ham" Day! Our themed activity consisted of bringing this Dr. Seuss classic to life! Students excitedly came to school dressed in green attire. Classmates gathered eggs from our chicken coop  in order to prepare for our breakfast of green eggs and ham. All participated in cracking eggs, adding green food coloring and mixing. In addition, older pre-kindergartners embraced the responsibility of cooking the eggs on the stove. Once complete, everyone enjoyed their lunch while Miss Francesca read "Green Eggs and Ham". We also explained the deeper meaning of the story- do not make judgements about anything before you try it! 

LEGO Day- 👷

     This theme was anxiously awaited at SMART START!  Various building stations for friends to build and  explore were set up throughout the school.  LEGO size differed depending on each child's developmental readiness. Our younger preschoolers practiced assembling, stacking and creating while older pupils designed their own construct to bring home. LEGOS are a staple 
children's toy that yield numerous developmental benefits. Some being but not limited to:
  • Enhancing fine motor skills
  • Problem solving 
  • Fostering interest in STEM/STEAM ( science, technology, engineering, art, math) 
  • Imagination
  • Patience, persistence and pride in accomplishments

Pajama Day-🎥🎫

   All were most enthusiastic for pajama day! Students and staff came to school showcasing their favorite sleepwear which included: feet pajamas, nightgowns, slippers and more. Everyone engaged in a fun dramatic play activity of movie theatre. Pre-kindergarteners organized and worked a concession stand, ticket booth and purchase station. Preschoolers lined up and purchased tickets and concessions for their older classmates. Once all tickets and snacks were "sold", the class enjoyed some popcorn and treats while listening to music and watching a spring sing a long!



Isla's "All About Me" Book and 3rd Birthday!

     Our second "All About Me" author was Isla! She creatively decorated each page and filled the book with fascinating facts about herself. Isla did a fabulous job presenting her work and proudly shared it with the class. All were very impressed and loved hearing more about their friend Isla!

Here are some details from the chapters in Isla's book:
  • Loves to dance 💃
  • Enjoys skiing 🎿
  • Dresses up with big sister, Emma 👭
  • Listens to music with her family 🎵
  • Favorite food is raviolis 🍝
     Everyone was excited to celebrate Isla's 3rd birthday at school! Isla brought in delicious cupcakes to share with her classmates. Peers gifted Isla with a birthday book and sang "Happy Birthday" in English and Spanish. 

     Isla is a bright, fun and sweet young girl. We have loved helping you develop into the preschooler you are today, Isla!

💙 Mary and Francesca 💙