Happy Mother's Day

     SMART START's lovely bunch has been learning all about a very special upcoming holiday, Mother's Day! The children were delighted to prepare for this joyous celebration with their beautiful mothers.  Mothers, fathers, family and friends, we hope you enjoy a look at our Mother's Day activities here at school.

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     Our early readers joined together for Mother's Day stories both in our inside and outdoor classrooms.  Students learned that this momentous holiday celebrates Mother's everywhere and is observed during Spring on a Sunday in May.  In addition to our group story times, friends paired to look at Mother's Day books, sound out and identify site words while sharing warm memories about their own mothers. There are endless benefits to reading some being, develops language skills, increases vocabulary, deepens concentration, encourages a desire for knowledge and enhances imaginations. 

     Circle time discussions focused on kind, loving, important and challenging tasks that a mom fulfills each and every day. We also explained ways that they can show their mother how they love and appreciate them. Many chimed in with their own darling commentary.  

Some of our favorite ideas included:

~ Giving Mom lots of hugs and kisses
~ Be a good listener for Mom
~ Sing Mom a song
~ Read Mom a story
~ Make Mom a special picture
~ Clean the house for Mom
~ Cook something yummy for Mom with Dad


     Our thoughtful young learners expressed wanting to make something here at school for their mothers.  A special box was the agreed upon decision.

      SMART START woodworkers gathered around the table to embark on making such an important craft- a gift for mom!  After receiving a wooden box, each student put on safety goggles and aprons to begin step one- sanding the wooden boxes to ensure a smooth surface for painting. All were enthralled with the sanding process and did a fine job.  Sanding allows children to work on their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  It also brings an awareness of tools and materials used, as well as differentiating textures. 

     Step 2- artistic classmates began the painting portion of their Mother's Day project. Suited up in aprons, each received their own water color palette, brush and bowl of water. While deeply concentrating on their strokes and color choices, masterpieces were well underway!

Step 3 and 4- Once dry, our handy workers used screwdrivers to tighten and secure the screws and latches. Each used a glue gun, with the help of a teacher, to add a colorful paper flower for a finishing touch.

     Lastly, the children beamed with confidence as they placed a chocolate flower inside and wrapped their mother's present.  All are excited to present their gift to their mother on Mother's Day! 

     SMART START chorus learned a special song for Mother's Day. We hope they sing it to you on your day of celebration.  It is sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday."

Happy Mother's Day to mom
Happy Mother's Day to mom
Happy Mother's Day Dear, Mommy
Happy Mother's Day to mom!

Children proudly say at the end, "I love you mommy!"

Click below to hear our SMART START singers!

Click below for more Mother's Day fun at SMART START!

   To all our amazing SMART START mothers...Happy Mother's Day!  We hope your day is filled with love, laughter and joy with your child(ren) . It is truly our pleasure taking part in their education, enrichment and care.  

💙 Mary and Francesca 💙


All About Me Featuring Kaylee

     Kaylee was next in line to be our "All About Me" presenter!  Kaylee did a fantastic job and was in her glory as she showcased her poster with the group. It is apparent how much progress Kaylee has made speaking in front of her peers by her exuding confidence.  What a treat to witness her enthusiasm and rise in self-esteem!  Bravo, Kaylee!
Here are some fun things we learned about Kaylee:

Favorite color - Purple
Favorite animal -  My dog Reesey 🐶
Favorite food - Cheese 
Favorite thing to do - Ride my bike 🚲 and bake cupcakes 🎂
Favorite place to visit - The lake
When I grow up I want to be - An engineer like my Dada 👦
If I had one wish I would wish for - Ice cream 🍦 and go to Disney World 🏯
     Kaylee was beyond excited when she was presented with the "Student of the Month" award for good conduct.  She smiled proudly when we handed it to her and was especially happy to show her sister, Zoe!  Kaylee was excited to bring it home to share with her parents, too!  Thank you for sharing your "All About Me" poster with us, Kaylee!  We loved learning more fun and interesting things about you!
     Happy 3rd birthday, Kaylee!  We hope you enjoyed celebrating here at SMART START as much as we did! Thank you for bringing in a special treat of cupcakes to share- they were delicious! Classmates had so much fun running around outside trying to catch bugs, insects and other treasures with the nets you brought as well! SMART START friends presented Kaylee with a birthday book and sang "Happy Birthday."  Kaylee has been with us since 5 months old! It has been a joy partaking in her care and education.  We have watched her grow into a smart, kind, brave and determined young girl and we cannot wait to see what this year has in store for her!
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💙 Mary and Francesca 💙