SMART START Young Learners is excited to share that we are now enrolling! We are a unique preschool offering a strong academic foundation and endless learning and development opportunities. Our goal is to instill an authentic love of learning in our students.

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💙 Mary and Francesca 💙


Valentine's Fun

     Happy Valentine's Day to all of our SMART START students and their families.  We truly enjoyed celebrating the holiday with your little ones!  They all had so much fun learning about and partaking in festive activities.  SMART START love was in the air!


💗 Reading 💗

     Valentine's Day is special as it focuses on being kind to others and expressing love to those that mean the most.  Our students enjoyed learning about this love-filled holiday during circle time.  Storytime is a favorite for our wonderful group of listeners here at SMART START! Our bookshelf was lined with Valentine themed books that the boys and girls read on their own or with a friend during language arts and/or free play.

💗 Arts and Crafts 💗

     Creative crafters decorated their very own box to hold valentines they would receive during our Valentine's Day celebration.  They also worked on a special gift for their parents. Glitter, markers, foam heart stickers, heart stamp markers, glue , felt and tissue paper and red colored yarn were used for both projects. The final products looked wonderful and it was evident that a great deal of love was put into each creation.  Parents, we hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day present today and for many years to come!

💗 Culinary Arts 💗

     SMART START bakers looked adorable as ever in their chef hats and aprons as they prepared and baked a delicious Valentine's Day treats for their parents.  The children showcased great teamwork in the kitchen as they took turns pouring, measuring and mixing the ingredients.  What lovely manners our students have! All packaged the M&M chocolate chip cookies in cute heart bags and finished with ribbon.  We hope you enjoyed these tasty treats made with lots of love from your valentines!

💗 Valentine's Day Party 💗

     Our SMART START valentines were excited to spread kindness and love to their friends at our celebration here at school. Valentines and special treats were brought in for all to share. The children loved passing them out to their friends and putting the valentines  received in their boxes made during arts and crafts. Conversations were super sweet as they focused on being extra kind to one another in honor of Valentine's Day. 

     SMART START friends gathered in a circle for an entertaining musical bag game.  When the music stopped, whomever was holding the bag had the chance to guess what was inside. Laughter and smiles filled the room as comical guesses were made as to what was in the bag. It was Barny the Barn Owl! They love when Barny is included in the fun!  We commenced our Valentine's Day celebration with an exciting game of "Valentine Says", just like the classic "Simon Says."  

     Click below to check out Valentine's Day fun at SMART START!

     Thank you to all of our SMART START families for making our Valentine's Day Party a success!  We truly appreciate all you do to support our efforts.

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💗 Mary and Francesca💗


All About Me Featuring Benny

     Benny was absolutely delighted to be our next student showcased for "All About Me."  He exuded confidence as he shared his poster with his peers and joyfully told us all about himself.  The children loved listening to Benny and asking him questions.  

Here are some facts we learned about Benny:

Favorite color - Blue
Favorite animal - Giraffe and Zebra
Favorite food - Goldfish 🐠
Favorite thing to do - Play with cars 🚓 and trains 🚅 and magic tracks
Favorite place to visit- Miami, Florida 🌴
When I grow up I want to be - Fireman 🚒
If I had one wish, I would wish for - Everyone's feelings to be happy 😊
     Benny was presented with the "Student of the Month" award and was quite proud of himself.  He is looking forward to sharing it with his family.  Your friends and teachers enjoyed learning more about you, Benny!  Thank you for sharing your "All About Me" poster with us!

     Happy 4th Birthday, Benny!  You are a kind and intelligent young boy! We are honored to share in your education and care here at SMART START! We have watched you grow into an all-around star student!  Benny was thrilled to celebrate his 4th birthday here at school with his friends.  The children enjoyed a tasty birthday treat in honor of Benny and presented him with a special birthday gift.

     Thank you for participating in this extended learning activity with your child(ren).  We appreciate all you do!

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💙 Mary and Francesca 💙


Show and Tell

     Show and Tell is a SMART START favorite activity!  Students always look forward to their turn to be in the spotlight and share a well loved toy/item from home.  Our young presenters get excited for show and tell day, as well as our audience members. Friends enjoy seeing what their fellow classmates are interested in outside of school. They ask a lot of questions as they await their turn to hold the item. We use this time to work on skill building, strengthening areas of development and public speaking.  Here are some highlights from our most recent Show and Tells! 

     Adelyn was full of joy as she displayed her Madeline doll and book. The children gathered around the table as Adelyn explained some of her favorite things she likes to do with Madeline. She kindly passed her special items around to each of her friends. All enjoyed reading the book during story time, especially Adelyn as she cuddled up with Madeline in her lap. Thank you for sharing!

     Matilda was proud to present her pink LEGO storage box! She uses this LEGO box at home to fill with special things. Tilly beamed while showing and passing the box to her friends. Peers enjoyed opening and closing it and asked some interesting questions that Tilly was happy to answer. Great job!

          Erica was delighted to bring in a classic toy for Show and Tell. A See and Say that showcased pictures of animals making animal sounds! The children grouped in a circle as Erica modeled how it worked by pulling the string. Classmates smiled and laughed each time it landed on an animal as it made the corresponding sound. Excellent work!

     Gus was thrilled to show the class his building block set! It featured different shapes, colors and sounds. He proudly demonstrated how it worked. Gus allowed all of his friends to take turns building on their own and together as a team. All embraced this cooperative play!

     Thank you for allowing your child(ren) to participate in Show and Tell.  It is a wonderful learning opportunity for all and we love hearing and seeing what our pupils enjoy playing with at home!

💙 Mary and Francesca 💙