Physical Education

     Physical education is an integral component of SMART START's curriculum. Exercise is necessary for a child's gross motor development, physical health, emotional well-being and more! Our young learners constantly utilize their bodily energy throughout the school day. Whether they are free playing on the swing sets or engaged in a structured fitness activity, our students are kept active in the indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Read below for more information regarding our physical education studies!

     During the Spring, Summer and Fall, SMART START athletes enhance their soccer skills with Coach Anthony! Recently, students have been training to perfect their footwork when dribbling, passing and kicking a ball. After many practices, Coach Anthony gathered the team for a scrimmage. Players were given pinnies to wear and assigned to positions on the field. Future world cup contenders showcased their abilities through goals, assists, punts and more. All received a good sportsmanship/team player award at the end of this season!

     Young yogis unrolled their mats in our outdoor classroom for some nature yoga! Pupils stretched and practiced poses such as, butterfly, downward dog, tree, cat-cow and warrior. This activity is concluded with guided meditation in the position of shavasana. During this time, students are encouraged to take deep breaths and close their eyes while poems or short stories are read. Yoga yields an exorbitant amount of benefits for children both mentally and physically. Some being but not limited to:
  • Improves strength, flexibility, coordination and balance
  • Teaches breathing techniques and self regulation
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Enhances concentration and mindfulness
     In addition, peers played yoga memory match to reinforce poses they learned. 

     The class was thrilled to welcome Miss Courtney for a gymnastics on-site field trip! Students participated in group stretching and exercises before beginning lessons on the mat and tumble track.  
Miss Courtney instructed on how to execute a forward roll and handstand and many were able to master these moves. This field trip served as the perfect way for the children to expend their energy while acquiring new skills!



All About Lucas!

     Lucas was the star student of July! He was most excited to present his “All About Me” poster to his classmates and teachers. Lucas did a remarkable job articulating his poster details and addressing comments. All were surprised when he showed a picture of his new baby sister, Kennedy! Great work, Lucas!

Here are some details from Lucas’ poster:

  • Wants to be an astronaut when he grows up πŸš€
  • Wishes for a weed wacker πŸƒ
  • Favorite color is green πŸ’š
  • Loves to ride his mower 🚜
  • Favorite food is cheesburgers πŸ”

     The class always looks forward to birthday parties at school. All had a wonderful time celebrating Lucas’ 4th Birthday! Lucas brought in superhero cupcakes and goody bags to share. Peers gifted Lucas with a book and sang “Happy Birthday” to him in both English and Spanish. 

     Lucas is one of the most recent members of our SMART START family. He is a bright student, kind friend and has been a great addition to the group. We are happy you are one of our Pre-kindergartners now, Lucas!  

Click below to view SMART START students singing "Happy Birthday" πŸŽ‚



All About Bees!

     One of this year's insects of focus were bees! We hope you enjoy buzzing along with us through this unit of study 🐝

    Young learners were eager to explore our busy bee book display. In addition to showcasing literature about bees, the table contained an acrylic encased bioblast life cycle of a honeybee. Students used magnifying glasses to closely examine the egg to adult transformation.

     SMART START friends swarmed together in our outdoor classroom for an interactive storytime. Miss Francesca read books that contained numerous facts about bees. All were given a flower to hold while each classmate took turns using a bee puppet to "pollinate" the flowers. 

Here is some of what the class learned:
  • Honeybees help plants grow through pollination
  • A hive is where honey bees live
  • The queen bee runs the hive and lays eggs
  • Honey is made by worker bees

     The class was all abuzz over a new game called "Honeycomb Tree". The object of this activity is to remove every tree leaf before all the bees fall out of the hive. This cooperative game promotes good sportsmanship, hand eye coordination, cognitive development, fine motor skills and more!

     Future beekeepers worked diligently on constructing a three dimensional model of a honeycomb. Materials used for this project included: a large box, paper towel roles, bubble wrap, yellow paint and glue. Once complete, pupils compared their finished work to a real piece of honeycomb. 

     SMART START's colony excitedly welcomed a professional beekeeper to our hive for an on-site field trip! After an informative presentaton, the beekeeper passed around a jar of live honey bees, honeycombs, a bee smoker used to calm the hive and her beekeeping hat. All were fascinated to experience the subject matter up close. The group participated in a dramtic play activity that consisted of acting as various types of bees such as, workers (gather pollen nectar and make honey), drones (male bees) and the queen (lays eggs). Lastly, the children savored a taste of honey made by the beekeeper's very own honeybees!



All About Brooklynn!

     Next in the “All About Me” poster sequence was miss Brooklynn! She creatively designed her poster and was eager to begin presenting. Brooklynn informed the class of many interesting facts about herself. All were amazed by Brooklynn’s vocabulary, self-confidence and conversational skills. Fantastic job, Brooklynn! 

Here are some details from Brooklynn’s poster:
  • Favorite color is purple πŸ’œ
  • Wants to be a doctor when she grows up πŸ’‰
  • Wishes for a baby brother πŸ‘Ά
  • Favorite animal is a cow πŸ„
  • Favorite food is cookies πŸͺ

     Brooklynn’s 3rd birthday party at school was so much fun! She kindly brought in lovely princess cupcakes and goody bags for her friends. Classmates gifted Brooklynn with a book and sang “Happy Birthday” to her in both English and Spanish. 

     It is a delight having Brooklynn at school with us! She is a smart, adventurous and caring student. We are thrilled to continue watching you shine as a preschooler, Brooklynn!