Weekend with Barny

     Barny the Barn Owl has been quite busy here at school participating in all of our activities.  Most of all, Barny loves being invited home with SMART START friends.  Students anxiously await their turn to bring Barny home and have him share in the weekend fun with their families. Here are some highlights from Barny's recent visits.

     Adelyn was delighted to bring Barny home and eager to share with her little sister, Astrid! Barny was introduced to a pig puppet while being wheeled around in a carriage. Adelyn had Barny join in one of her favorite things to do at home...playing house! Thank you Adelyn for taking such great care of Barny and completing the checklist!

     Erica was thrilled to bring Barny home to meet her family!  She was most excited to show Barny to her younger brother, Max.  Barny had a lovely time playing with Erica and they did a fabulous job completing the checklist together. Great team work! Erica enjoyed talking to her classmates at school about her special weekend with Barny!

    Tilly was overjoyed to bring Barny home! She introduced Barny to her big brother Milo and family. They all played games with him and ate meals together. Tilly and Barny completed all checklist items and really enjoyed their time together. Here at school, Tilly did wonderful sharing her checklist with the group and answering questions from friends. Barny received lots of hugs and cuddles over the weekend!

      Gus was so excited to put Barny in his backpack to bring home! They spent the weekend completing the checklist. Nice work sharing your weekend to the class! Barny had so much fun with you, Gus!

     Barny is a well loved Barn Owl!  Thank you SMART START friends and family for allowing Barny to be a part of your weekend while participating in this on going extended learning unit.  Your willingness and support is always appreciated!

                                 💙 Mary and Francesca 💙


All About Me Featuring Cody

     December commenced "All About Me"!  Every student will have the opportunity to participate in this new activity here at SMART START.  Posters will be sent home one month prior to due date and are to be returned decorated. During your child(ren)'s "All About Me" month, they will receive special privileges such as, being the line leader for activities and help with chores/tasks. Each week our classroom will gather to view the "All About Me" poster featuring: name, age, a self-portrait, what they want to be when they grow up and more! At the end of the month, a "Student of the Month" award and Star Student sticker are given.

     Our first SMART START pupil showcased was Cody! This month was special as he celebrated his 3rd birthday! Cody proudly presented his "All About Me" poster with the class. He did a wonderful job answering questions from his peers. He drew his own self-portrait and everyone was quite impressed. Nice work! 
Here are some facts we learned about Cody:
Favorite color - Red
Favorite animal - Bunny 🐰
Favorite food - Tomatoes from the garden 🍅
Favorite thing to do - Play 😄
Favorite place to visit- The Cape 🌊
When I grow up I want to be - Fireman 🚒
If I had one wish, I would wish for - Tractor 🚜

     Cody was excited when we presented him with his "Student of the Month" award and could hardly wait to bring it home.  Thank you Cody for being our first "All About Me" student.  We loved learning more about you!

    Cody is a wonderful and smart young boy. It has been our absolute pleasure to educate and care for him over the past two years.  We have watched him grow in leaps and bounds!  Cody was delighted  to celebrate his 3rd birthday here at school with his friends!  The children gathered together to present Cody with a special birthday gift and sang "Happy Birthday!"  Everyone enjoyed the delicious birthday cupcakes and goody bags brought in by Cody.  Happy 3rd Birthday, Cody!
      We hope you enjoy this extended learning activity with your child(ren) and appreciate your efforts. 
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💙 Mary and Francesca 💙


Welcome Winter

   We have welcomed winter with open arms here at SMART START as our students have thoroughly been enjoying all things cold and snowy! 


     Whether it be listening to songs or playing with instruments the children absolutely love music.  We have introduced two new songs, the classic "Frosty the Snowman" and "Winter is Wonderful" by Barney.  Our singing friends have done a fantastic job learning lyrics and dancing to these Winter jingles. We hope you enjoy them as well!

Image result for frosty the snowman

     Winter is wonderful and full of special things to do!  We were fortunate to get our first snowfall before the official start of Winter. Here at SMART START, our backyard classroom transformed into a winter wonderland. Our pupils looked adorable bundled in their snow gear and smiles on their faces. Snowy day fun included: making snowballs, snow angels and sledding! Oh what fun it is to ride on a sled with SMART START friends!

     Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  Snow days here at school means we have a lot of work to do!  SMART START shovelers cleared the snow to form paths for safe walking.  Great job!

     The Winter season lends itself to many themed arts and crafts projects fun for children of all ages!  SMART START artists were delighted to make a felt snowman. Each glued on the parts of the snowman along with a big snowflake. Markers, bonkers and glitter were also used to decorate. Our crafters were proud of their snowman and excited to it bring home. 

      After playing outside in the snow and braving cold temperatures, we brought snowball fun to our indoor classroom. Students took part in a matching and counting snowball game, building towers and castles with snowballs and a game of snowball toss. These are great activities to foster hand-eye coordination, as well as further develop gross motor skills.  We are always finding exciting ways to integrate learning and development into our curriculum.

     The perfect way to stay warm is to cozy up with a book!  Here at SMART START, our library  is stocked with a variety of Winter themed books for the official welcoming of the new season.  Students have been exploring Winter through independent reading, as well as during group story time and with friends.  Favorites include: The Mitten by Jan Bret and Winter Tales by Maurice Sendak. 

     SMART START mathematicians have been using and enhancing their skills through a felt snowman counting and matching game. Older classmates are always warm and inclusive while assisting our younger learners with more challenging preschool activities.

     Winter friends are enjoying snowman puzzles, lacing boards,  a stackable wooden snowman, snowmen puppets games and more.

     SMART START chefs put on their hats and aprons as they gathered in the kitchen to make a special winter treat.  Snowman bagels!  Each received a tray filled with the necessary ingredients to create their own snowman: cream cheese, two M&M eyes, raisins for the mouth, a carrot for the nose, a snowflake and blue sprinkles.  Their snowman bagels looked adorable and were delicious!

     Our hungry friends enjoyed other winter inspired treats along with their bagels such as, "snowballs" (white cheddar cheese balls), snowflake shaped crackers and hot chocolate. Tasty and warm treats for a cold day!

Click below to see SMART START Winter Fun!

Mary and Francesca