Read below to see what we have been learning this Winter season at SMART START:

๐Ÿ›ท Our outdoor classroom transformed into a winter wonderland early this season. Bundled from head to toe, smart start friends were eager to play, learn and explore in the snow. In addition their gross motor skills were put to use through shoveling and pulling one another on sleds.

๐Ÿ“˜ Pupils preoccupied themselves at a themed display featuring books, figurines, decorations and other materials. Many shared their favorite things about Winter which included: drinking hot cocoa, playing in the snow, wearing snow gear, watching snow storms, making snowmen and seeing snowflakes.

๐ŸŒก Mini Meteorologists engaged in lessons about the weather. It was explained how the temperature typically drops during the Winter months causing water to freeze into ice, frost to form and snow to fall. The children discussed words they associated with the season such as, "chilly", "cold", "coat", "hat" and "gloves." All anticipate checking the daily temperature using our school thermometers.

๐Ÿงค The class circled outside to listen to a classic winter tale titled, The Mitten by Jan Brett. All took turns placing a small forest animal inside a large mitten in accordance with the story.

๐Ÿ–Œ The Mitten was brought to life through a pretend play craft. Artists decorated a glove using markers, glue and glitter. Afterwards, all picked a forest animal figurine to reenact the story.

Young learners partook in various themed activities, games, toys, search & find books and more! Don't Break the Ice was most preferred by the group. Object of the game: knock down the ice cubes without having the penguin fall.

๐ŸŒจ SMART START scientists experimented with baking soda and hair conditioner to create snow! All were fascinated how the combined ingredients resembled the actual substance and molded the finished product into snowballs and snowmen.

Students worked diligently to complete their seasonal spelling worksheet. Our prekindergartners practiced their penmanship writing the words: mittens, snow, hot cocoa, winter, scarf, snowman and cap. Preschoolers worked on tracing and identifying the letter "W" and the word winter.

123 Peers cooperatively counted using snowballs, plastic ice cubes and workbooks. This hands-on exercise allowed for the application of basic addition and subtraction while also reinforcing number recognition. 

๐Ÿฆ” Friends ventured outdoors to learn facts about forest animals. Using a National Geographic book and puppets, all acquired knowledge regarding Winter habitats and behaviors. 

Here is some information learned:
  • Many animals hibernate/sleep in Winter such as, a hedgehog 
  •  A hibernation habitat is called a hibernaculum
  • Squirrels gather and store food to prepare for the cold temperatures
  • Bears partially hibernate in their dens and then emerge in the Spring

Hand to eye coordination and fine motor skills were challenged during a three step 3D snowflake project. First, pieces of white paper were cut and decorated using scissors, glue sticks and glitter. Second, the cut pieces were taped together making individual structures. The final step consisted of stapling together to form a snowflake! We explained how everyone is like a snowflake: unique and beautiful in their own way!

๐Ÿง Classmates put on their chef hats and made snow cones using ice cubes and flavoring. It was mentioned how ice is the solid form of the water which is a liquid. While enjoying their treat, everyone noticed the ice melting back into its liquid state. 

๐Ÿพ Arctic Architects collected empty milk and water gallons to collaboratively design and construct an igloo! Once complete, our sleuth of polar bear cubs toured the habitat using their wild imaginations. In addition, a story about polar bear life was read and acted out. Dramatic play yields numerous benefits as it supports literacy, promotes social and emotional development, increases creativity and so much more!




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from SMART START!
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