Stream to Learn- Online Education

     Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, SMART START transferred to an online learning program: Stream to Learn. Our virtual classroom provided students the opportunity to continue their education, friendships and acquire some technological skills.

Read below to learn more about our Stream to Learn curriculum:

Structured Learning Sessions
      Young learners were thoroughly engaged in our interactive zoom classroom. Each class consisted of a themed unit of study, activity sheets, hands-on projects, thoughtful discussions and collaborative games. Language arts, social studies, Spanish and S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art & math) are among the subjects integrated into these sessions.

Virtual Field Trips 
      Field trips are an essential component of our curriculum. We had the opportunity to incorporate these into our Stream to Learn sessions. Miss Maura from MA Audubon Ipswich River Sanctuary attended a class to teach about amphibians and vernal pools. In addition, "Mother Goose" joined a session to share classic nursery rhymes and play music and movement games with the children. Also, students virtually explored the San Diego Zoo in CA, The Museum of Science in Boston, MA, The Butterfly Garden in Westford, MA, The New England Aquarium in Boston, MA, a recycling site in FA and Outer Space with NASA. These "trips" enhanced our teachings by presenting subject matter in a realistic setting.

     Once per week, students had a scheduled literacy session. Each child was individually assessed and placed into either our preschool or prekindergarten level of advisement. This time allowed for pupils to expand their knowledge and skills in areas pertaining to their personal development. Topics covered included matching letters to sounds, identifying sight words, reading using phonics and more. Strengths and needs were continually evaluated as all learners are unique and flourish at their own pace.

Friends Night
      Peers enjoyed being active and entertained at "Friends Night". This evening event involved virtually viewing a singalong together, having a snack made during a structured learning session, friendly discussions and playing games such as, Freeze Dance and Bingo.

Lunch With Friends
      Mealtime at school serves as an opportunity for friends to converse with one another about what their are learning and to develop friendships. For this activity, all brought their lunch, chatted, laughed and played games.

Special Events

     In preparation for Mother's Day and Father's Day, our SMART START mothers & fathers were invited to one of our sessions to decorate a special craft (matching hats for Mother's Day & matching socks for Father's Day) with their child(ren). Students were thrilled to bring their parents to class and enjoyed completing this activity together.

     All were excited to virtually celebrate our SMART START friend Lou Lou's 4th birthday. "Princess Elsa" joined the party for games, activities and to help the class sing "Happy Birthday" to Lou Lou while she opened her gift.

Click below to view Stream to Learn highlights: