Space Explorations

     SMART START astronauts were excited for an "out of this world" experience both this and last year! Blast off with us as we journey into outer space!

2018: Space Week!
     SMART START's indoor classrooms transformed into a galaxy learning area. Book displays showcased posters and reading materials featuring asteroids, the solar system, moons and deep space. 
     Star gazers challenged themselves to a riveting game of "place the star of the constellation" (similar to the classis game "pin the tail on the donkey). Each child used their sense of touch and spatial awareness during this activity.

     Crew members landed around the table to decorate magnets.  Each received a wooden star or spaceship magnet to paint, create and design. 

    SMART START astronauts were in awe and full of imagination as they dressed up in a space suit. Thank you, Gus for bringing in this themed related costume to share with friends. The children  zoomed around and launched into the universe. Dramatic play and dress up are an important part of preschool development for many reasons:
  • engages brain development and memory
  • vocabulary building
  • problem-solving
  • emotional development
  • gender exploration
  • motor skills
  • imitation

Students look forward to story time with a teacher, as well as independent and paired reading. Learning in nature is good for the mind and body for many reasons:

  • boosts concentration
  • develop a love, respect and appreciation for nature
  • develop understanding of how we look at our environment
  • encourages holistic development of children

   Miss Francesca taught the class fun facts about the big and bright sun star ! Inflatable planets were used to demonstrate orbiting around the sun.  

2019: Space Day!
   To commence space day, we had a space ship race! Students lined up, waited for the countdown then rolled their spaceships as fast as they could. This activity allowed the children to practice good sportsmanship, enhance hand to eye coordination, develop concentration, engage their imaginations and more! 

    Classmates joined together for a special treat!  Asher brought in space themed cookies that he helped make at home. Snack and meals during the day at SMART START provide peers time to converse with each other about the subject matter at hand. Pupils were naming planets, counting stars and some thought it would be fun to live on the moon!
     SMART START astronomers constructed their own star constellations. They used black foam as the night sky, galactic glue for shine, small blue stars and Q-tips. Preschoolers had a blast creating their own constellations while older prekindergartners attempted to make an imitation of a constellation they could witness in the sky such as, the Aquarius or Orion as they had recently learned about.  

     Miss Francesca gathered the children in a circle for outdoor story time about the solar system. Here are some space facts we learned: 
  • There are 8 planets 
  • The planets orbit around the sun
  • Saturn, Jupitar, Uranus and Neptune have rings
  • Mercury is the smallest planet.
     We also taught about how human beings and animals live on planet earth. Each child was handed a paper planet earth for an interactive story. All were instructed to raise their planet earth up high every time they found it as the pages were read.


     Art was incorporated into our space agenda to make a personalized spaceship using their own footprint, stars and other media. Students are always exceptionally proud of their projects when made with their own handprints/footprints. Crafts such as these also serve as a great sensory activity. Young learners pretended their spaceships were taking off to the moon... 1, 2, 3 blastoff!

     Early readers enjoyed sitting at a space themed book display. Pupils participated in partnered reading and reviewed all that they learned during the day. There are numerous advantages of partnered reading some being but not limited to: learning how to give and receive feedback, assist in developing reading fluency and allow peers to learn from and help one another. 

                     🌙 We hope you enjoyed learning about our space explorations!

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Nora's "All About Me" Book and 4th Birthday!

     Our most recent SMART START author to present an “All About Me” Book was Miss Nora! Nora has become quite confident with her public speaking skills and truly excelled during this project. Inside Nora’s Book were a few interesting facts about herself as well as some beautiful drawings. Classmates were very impressed with how effortlessly Nora read off each page. All enjoyed learning more about their friend. Thank you for sharing more about yourself, Nora! 

Here are some details from the chapters in Nora’s book:
  • Wants to be a princess when she grows up 👑
  • Favorite color is red ❤
  • Likes to eat pizza 🍕
  • Favorite thing to do is go to Florida ☀
  • Enjoys going out to eat 🍝

     Much fun was had by all while celebrating Nora’s 4th Birthday party here at school in our outdoor classroom! Nora thoughtfully brought in goody bags for each of her friends.  Nora was gifted a book from her peers and they sang “Happy Birthday” to her in both English and Spanish. 
    Nora has been a pleasure to teach at SMART START for over 3 years now! Nora is a warm and kindhearted girl. She is insightful and inquisitive and has blossomed into a lovely prekindergartener. We look forward to helping you flourish this year,  Nora!