Welcome Winter

     Winter is upon us and the children are absolutely thrilled to welcome this cold and snowy season!  They have embraced winter themed educational lessons and activities with warm hearts.  Bundle up as you join us on the beginning of our winter journey!

     Seasonal books were arranged on a snowy table for our young learners. With so many good choices, it was hard to pick just one! 

     Friends enjoyed picking out a few favorites to read along together.  Preschool conversations were filled with winter and the fun activities it brings. 

     As the season changes, temperatures drop! Students took turns observing the thermometer and practiced reading the outside temperature.  We discussed what we do to prepare for the change. Most notably how to dress for play both inside and outside . Ideas and suggestions were shared how to provide extra warmth for our outdoor classroom pets. 

 No matter the season you can always find our SMART START students outside playing!  Everyone was all smiles as they sported their snow attire while playing with friends! 

     There is no one more excited than a young child when the snow falls for the first time!  Anxiously awaiting to go outside, peers quickly put on their winter gear! Many thanks to our shoveling crew for clearing our walkways!

     Time to make class snow angels!  Snow lovers plopped down and created divine imprints!


      Mittens and gloves covered little hands working diligently forming snowballs. Fun was had by all while tossing  ,throwing ,and playing games with the snowballs.  Structure climbing , swinging on swings and other favorite activities kept our active bunch enthralled with the wonder and magic of it all!  Let it snow!

     Don't Break the Ice!  A perfect game for a cold winter day!  It challenges the mind, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Enthusiastic team players tapped away at the ice as they laughed together!  Don't be the one to make the penguin fall in!  

     This hands-on math learning game involved snowballs, a bucket and a lively group of students. All worked together to count the snowballs as they were added and subtracted from the bucket. Turn taking making simple equations to solve problems individually and with peers was a fun way to learn beginner addition and subtraction concepts. 

     Miss Francesca read to our snow-loving group. They happily sat in the snow as they were delighted by captivating tales!

     When it's too cold to go outside, we bring the snow inside.  Well our pretend snowballs that is!  The children worked effortlessly to create a snowman and other standing towers! They also released their energy and giggles as they engaged in an indoor snowball toss!  These are great activities to further develop gross motor skills, as well as foster hand-eye coordination!  There's always an interesting way to integrate learning and development into our curriculum!

     Creative minds put on their artistic hats and created beautiful winter scenes.  On a large piece of white poster board  glitter, glue, cotton balls,  tissue paper,  markers and other art media were used to design their very own winter wonderland!

     SMART START's top chefs assembled a winter themed treat!  Each received a bagel, cream cheese, raisins, puffs and chocolate chips to create a snowman bagel!  young learners spread the cream cheese and decorated with the other ingredients for the eyes, nose and smile!  What an adorable and tasty snack!

     Snowflakes are a quintessential winter decoration.  Students designed their own paper snowflakes by folding a piece of white paper in half and cut out different shapes using scissors.  They opened the snowflake up and brought it to life using glitter glue, glitter and jewels.  So gorgeous and sparkly!

     Just as no two snowflakes are alike, neither are children's learning styles. SMART START's curriculum most often overlaps fields of study with different methods of teaching for our students.

     Our pupils are excited to learn each day here at SMART START ! Our hands-on activities engage each and every child. Through structured and unstructured play our students excel in learning . The mixed age classroom allows each to be an individual while learning at their own pace as we focus on and elicit their unique abilities and interests.

       Click below to see more Welcome Winter Fun at SMART START!

     We hope you enjoyed our winter journey!  All of us at SMART START sure did!

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Mary and Francesca