Thursday, May 13, 2021

All About Maeve!


     Prior to the Spring season, SMART START celebrated star student Maeve! Miss Maeve completed her “All About Me” poster beautifully and presented it to her peers. The class was impressed with Maeve’s public speaking skills, confidence and charm. Magnificent work, Maeve!

Maeve's Poster 

Class Presentations 

     Miss Maeve’s 4th birthday party at school was a marvelous event! Maeve brought in mermaid cupcakes to share with her friends. Classmates gifted Maeve with a book and sang, “Happy Birthday” to her in both English and Spanish. 

     Maeve has been coming to SMART START with her big brother, Gus for over 2 years! Maeve is a smart, savvy and sharp witted student. She is free spirited, full of fun and the emblem of friendship. We are excited to witness your further development and successes as a pre-k student, Maeve!