Sunday, April 19, 2020

Social Studies

     History is an essential component of SMART START'S curriculum. These lessons educate children on the greater contexts of their community, diversity within cultures, geographical concepts, learning through past errors and so much more. Through the introduction of historical figures and their legacies, we hope to instill in our students that they are all capable of impacting the world in even the smallest of ways.
     Presidents Day is an American holiday observed each year on the third Monday of February. SMART START historians were fascinated to learn facts about our country's founding fathers and  subsequent leaders of the United States at a themed display and during outdoor storytime. 
Here are some of what we learned:
  • George Washington was the 1st president
  • Abraham Lincoln is on the penny and George Washington is on the $1 bill
  • There have been 45 presidents 
  • The president lives in the White House in Washington D.C. 

     Cognitive and cooperative skills were challenged while completing a large floor puzzle of the presidents. In addition, a game of memory match was played to reinforce the images and names of each U.S. leader. 

     Black history is honored throughout the month of February. Classmates contemplated over a display of literature detailing the courageous lives of notable individuals such as Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. In addition, all listened intently to a story in our outdoor classroom which discussed kindness, compassion, fighting for what is right and equality for all. To honor Martin Luther King Junior and his famous "I Have A Dream" Speech, pupils colored crowns with their dream for the world written in the center. We were most impressed with the thought the children put into their dreams which included, "Everyone can go to school", "Being kind to everyone" and "Everybody loves each other."

     Women's history is recognized during March. Each one of our girl students had the opportunity to play the part of an influential woman in history. Whether they were winning Nobel Prizes like Marie Curie, studying primates like Jane Goodall, Flying to space like Sally Ride or transforming educational practices like Maria Montessori, all embraced their remarkable roles. We have bright, strong, brave and determined future female icons at SMART START and they are all capable of achieving great things!


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