Monday, November 2, 2020

All About Kinsley!


    Miss Kinsley Rose eagerly embraced the role of "student of the month" during October. She proudly displayed her "All About Me" poster to her peers. Kinsley's enthusiastic energy was exhibited throughout each presentation. Extraordinary work, Kinsley!

Kinsley's Poster 

Class Presentations

    Celebrating Kinsley's 4th birthday party at school was such a treat! She brought in chocolate and vanilla cake pops and sparkly goody bags to share with friends. The class gifted Kinsley with a book and sang, "Happy Birthday" to her in English and Spanish. 

    Kinsley Rose began her education at SMART START when she was just an infant! We have witnessed her evolve from an adorable and bright baby to a perceptive and compassionate preschooler. Each year we are awed by Kinsley's growth as a student, classmate and person. We know you will continue to blossom, Kinsley!


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