Friday, November 20, 2020

Election Day 2020

    Election Day in the United States occurred on November, 3rd. SMART START observed this monumental event by educating our young learners on their right to exercise their vote. 

    Pupils participated in a mock election at school to elect their new class president. The two nominees were Barny the Barn Owl & Freddy the Fox. Each candidate displayed their agenda and students scrutinized these at our "debate". 

    All received a ballot and proceeded to the polls. Those in support of Barny marked their ballot with a "B" and those in favor of Freddy signed their ballot with an "F". After much contemplation, classmates cast their ballots and received an "I voted (kids vote too!)" sticker.  

    Parties assembled to hear the anticipated election results. Ballots were counted and a winner was announced... Freddy the Fox! Everybody was excited to inaugurate their new class president. 

    The group gathered to reflect on the election process. This time served as an opportunity for every child to express who they voted for and why. It was impressive how informed and assured they were when discussing their "political views". Peers pondered over their opposing opinions, but learned a valuable lesson of respecting differences in their friends. 

Click below to view SMART START's Election Highlights 

Children are the future and we hope to instill in them that their voices matter and should be heard!


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